"Material Girl" (2019):

Here are a couple of scenes I've worked on for "Material Girl", a student film made by Jenna Spurlock. You can watch the full thing here

"Tempo" (2019):

These are some shots I did for "Tempo", a stop motion type student film by Angela Arzumanyan. This film was interesting to work on since we only worked with step animation in order to mimic the feel of stop motion. Link to the fill short here

Anim HW 001 :

Here's the final and progression animation for a lip sync animation I did in my spring semester of sophomore year (2018). 


Here's some progression videos of another lip sync I did for class (spring 2019). However, I haven't had the time to finish polishing said animation.

Cookie Jar H.W. :

The Cookie Jar short I did, was another short homework assignment I used to practice my animation and camera work ( Fall semester of 2017 ) 

"Blizzard Animation" (2019):

This is a game character animation I made for a Blizzard competition I entered this year.

"Tiger Practice" (2020):

Quadruped practice.
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